Sunday, February 2, 2014

Here's the Deal...

...I am old;  I am a goddamn idiot;  I am not a programmer;  I do not know what I am doing;  I cannot afford to hire an entire IT team of developers and web designers.

Oh, and I just read that blogging officially died in 2013.

In spite of all that, I am trying to grow my little bloggity blog, anyway.

I know a lot a few of my fans friends keep having trouble simply signing up to receive my blog updates via email.  I DO NOT KNOW WHY THIS IS, PEOPLE!!!!  But, please see the above first paragraph for any number of possible explanations.

I just opened up a Facebook Page for xoxo Darya, so I am hoping to link it here and then you can go like it there and then these goddamn annoying incredibly motivating and entertaining post updates can come right to your FB Newsfeed via the xoxo Darya fan page and then we can chat and be cyber-friends and solve my social awkwardness and then I can quit my soul sucking day job become a wildly successful blogger and tra la fucking la.

I am not totally sure how this going to work in reality, but in my head it is going to be beyond awesome.

Also, if you Tweet, join me @xoxoDarya and you can follow along and laugh condescendingly as I continually struggle to stay under 140 characters.  Or you can join me at my Instagram for even more useless crap and pictures of me in whatever boring-ass outfit I have concocted for myself to wear on any given day @xoxoxdarya and yes, I DO know there is an extra "x";  it is because I already own @xoxo_darya but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to disown it before I re-own it as myself--see paragraph one for further illustration of my knuckleheadedness.  And, well, if I am going to whore myself to social media in an effort to grow my little bloggity blog, then I couldn't leave Pinterest out even though I believe it to be the devil's playground but I don't judge; I just love.

Come on, it'll be fun--all the cool kids are doing it.

Whew...self-promotion is exhausting.

xoxo Darya

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