Sunday, February 16, 2014

20 Questions - Fun for All

One of my favorite bloggers, Maegan Tintari at whom I have been following daily for quite some time, but have only just recently had the nerve to engage via her comments section and Instagram, has posted this 20 Questions Q&A originally done with Sarah Jessica Parker at Marie Claire.

Because this is an excellent opportunity to share with my readers AND also because it seemed appropriate that I manufacture at least some kinda blog content that did NOT reference my daily mental status, these 20 Questions seemed interesting and fun, so I took a stab at them.  I freely admit that I ain't no SJP, hell I ain't no Maegan Tintari, either.  Oh, and don't be thinking I got the big pants for myself either--I know my place in the blogosphere, people.

So, I am sharing with you my own Q&A, and most importantly, I ask that you share your answers either at xoxo Darya Facebook Page or here in the comments section of my little bloggity blog or you can email me at

Have fun and enjoy!

xoxo Darya

1.   What brings you the greatest joy?   Without a doubt or even a moment's hesitation--my little family.

2.   What are your vices?   To this day, I have a horrible and almost child-like sweet tooth.  And I still eat like a latchkey kid--over the sink; Cheetos for breakfast; cereal for dinner.  Yeah, that sorta thing.  I am a wretched example of a grown-ass woman.

3.   What is on your nightstand?  Journals for keeping track of the bulbs I plant and the Dummies books:  Blogging for Dummies, Twitter for Dummies and Facebook for Dummies.  As well as a my Original Darya picture and an iPhone Home that I swear if you put a gun to my head I could not figure out how to do anything with it other than charge my iPhone--clearly, I also need iPhone Homes for Dummies.

4.   Do you have a secret talent?  Nope!  I am a complete dud in the secret talent department.

5.   What is your greatest indulgence?  Without a doubt, my red 1969 Porsche 912.  I apologize up front for sounding so snotty--it was bought with my severance pay from a job I had for fifteen years and at times has been the only car I have owned and certainly the only one that was paid off.

6.   What should every woman try at least once in her life?  Have a professional portrait sitting done for yourself.

7.   What makes you laugh?  Literally, just about anything--I try to find humor in all things because my go-to emotions are sheer fright and constant worry.

8.   What is one thing people would be surprised to learn about you?  How much my insides do not match my outsides. Also, how much I wash my feet--I abhor dirty feet.

9.   What is on your bucket list?  I do not have a bucket list.

10.  What is on your feet right now?  They are bare.  See No. 8.

11.  How did you make your first dollar?  I cut a deal with my mother to clean the house and do laundry in exchange for a greater-than-usual allowance ($10 per week!) in order to buy more fabric and patterns to sew back-to-school clothes.  I think it worked out well for both of us!

12.  What superstition do you believe in?  I knock wood (usually my own head) three times when I say something that tempts fate.

13.  What items in your closet do your wear the most?  At this time of year, my after-work momiform is a pair of jeans and a cashmere sweater and a pair of thongs.

14.  What is the best gift you have ever received?  A Tiffany 1837 Collection cuff bracelet--it is beyond precious to me.

15.  What is on your liquor shelf?  A shelf?  Are you kidding me?  I have a completely stocked wet bar at all times.  I want to provide you with whatever your heart desires.

16.  What is on your kitchen counter?  A basket of dozens of folded cloth napkins as we do not do paper; a bowl of fruit and a vintage milk glass dish containing two home grown camellias.

17.  What would you never leave home without?  Always a lipstick, my sunglasses, iPhone and that Tiffany cuff.

18.  What movie has the greatest ending?  I am embarrassed to say that I don't really watch movies.  But with Usual Suspects, I never, ever, EVER saw that coming!

19.  Who is on the guest list for your ideal dinner party?  Oprah Winfrey; my maternal grandmother as a young adult before she married and had children; the Caveman (my husband, not an actual caveman); William Powell and Myrna Loy as Nick and Nora Charles from the Thin Man movies; Coco Chanel.  I would definitely pull out a chair for Jesus Christ, but I think he might be pretty intense and intimidating as far as guests go.

20.  What is one thing you wished you had known when you were younger?   That I was worthy and that I deserved kindness from myself.  And that I was not and I am not fat my mind likes to play tricks with me and body image has sometimes been a problem.

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