Saturday, July 4, 2015

Just Look Up

I have to admit I did not look down at Facebook or Instagram or Periscope or social media much at all this 4th of July weekend. I was really too busy having a good time to "document and share" it all. I know that is the exact opposite way to think when you are trying to grow your little bloggity blog... 

Oh, well.

Even after showing the top of my new boobs in a dress, I guess, I decided to call my nightie that one night with a mysterious "tattoo" appearing after an out-of-control house party on July 3rd complete with suspicious and lethal Jungle Juice and the Caveman's delicious, yet totally poisonous Mai Tais; red, white and blue Jell-o shots; dancing in a living room to a DJ and to be honest I am not entirely sure I have ever really seen their furniture, so as far as I am concerned they may ALWAYS live their life to a DJ pumping sound; roasting a pig on a pole all day long and then serving it with King's Hawaiian rolls & the best pig sauce EVER known to man.

Then,  getting up the next morning and biking the Huntington Beach boardwalk  to watch the oldest continuously running 4th of July parade in America from a front row table on the parade route at Avila's, a favorite Mexican restaurant, and then biking back home to take care of the MIL and her little doggie; finally landing at our dear friend's house for a party where I ate even more pig when I ate the wild boar Talk to Me Johnnie tracked, killed and ultimately smoked in the Big Green Egg and then where I stripped down and dove into a gorgeous new pool where I swear steam came off my shoulders as I went in the drink...

Note to self: I owe Talk to Me Johnnie and his Unicorn an iPad because I am a Schleprock and where I go, shit gets broken. ALWAYS.

It was good. It was all good, people. It was good to just look up--it was good to NOT have great WIFI service and to just put my big ol' iPhone in my bike basket. The MIL was home alone all weekend with her little Yorkie and he was insane with the fireworks. So....

By the end of the 4th, I was stick-a-fork-in-me-done, but happily so. It was all really good. I hope it was all really good for you and that you looked up and not just for the fireworks, if they are even allowed near you. I do not think our California brush could even take a hot ash, right now!

Oh, and the best part: By looking up, the Caveman saw that a pair of mourning doves had made their nest just outside our back door in the top of a tree that was his father's. Early in the morning I can hear the male's cooing and lovemaking and the winged whistle she makes when she's flushed out of the tree which I reeeeally try not to do to her, but it is pretty clear that she hates me.  

I am not gonna lecture anyone on the evils of social media, because I am not a hypocrite.  

I love social media. 

It has served me well. It has brought me out of myself; I have made new and very special friends; I have cultivated my tribe; I have said important and tough stuff; I have pushed the limits of my own ability to make friends, and I have even had two friends ask to be friends with me again, which means more to me than they could ever possibly know. 

Anyhoo, we just did what was best for us this holiday weekend and look how we got blessed. 

If I get a chance and I don't bother her too much, I will see if she laid her second egg! And if we are lucky, and they like their home the same pair may come back after everything is said and done and start all over again and make a new family.

Isn't that nice; finding a nice home and beginning a family all over again. Hmmm sounds a little familiar, huh...

Happy 4th of July, my friends!

xoxo Darya