Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Random Ramblings

When you grow up with a name like Darya, you never ever find your name on the little license plates at Disneyland.  There are no Darya personalized mugs or stationary or any manner of cool shit.

And I tell ya', things were made worse by the fact that my maiden name started with Van Dah-di-dah so alphabetically I had to sit right in front of Jay Van Wormer for most of my grammar and junior high school years and lemmetellyou Jay Van Wormer was an asshole to me.  Ironically enough, I was paired to walk down the aisle of 8th grade graduation on his arm in a halter dress...and oh, did I mention, I have looked exactly like this since the summer between 7th and 8th grade.  Hah!  The crazy shit you remember.  

But with the influx of Russian and Persian immigrants, my name has become more and more easily recognizable and properly pronounced, and I really gotta give props to those 1990's icons of stupidity, Beavus and Butthead, whose neighbor and nemesis was Daria Morgendorfer, who as a side note went on to have her own successful MTV spin-off.   

Anyhoo, whenever I have the chance, which is just about every time I am standing in a grocery check out line or waiting for a prescription and I see a baby name book or a pamphlet describing names and their origins and meanings, or I am in a touristy place like Solvang or Palm Springs or Stater Bros., I gotta look my name up. Mostly it's not there, but I am a big girl so I hide my disappointment and move on with my life. Clearly.

Imagine my surprise and how over-the-moon-happy I was when I looked Darya up in the Urban Dictionary. And please do not ask me why I would do that or what my life has come to, other than that one time last month and the infamous My Blue Sweater Daythat would prompt me to actually type my name into the Urban Dictionary 'cause why in the hell would it be there of all places.  But there it was!

1.  Darya
Cool cat.  Likes to have fun with friends.  Friends are Darya's L-I-F-E.
Guy 1:  Hey look, it's Darya!
Guy 2:  Yeah, she's a cool cat.

2.  Darya 
Utterly amazing name belonging to an amazing girl, most usually.  A true gem hidden in the rough, tends to shine when unearthed.  Warning:  Can fall in love with a Darya easily.
Guy 1:  So, how's Darya?
Guy 2:  She's amazing, but I've got a problem.
Guy 1:  Falling in love?
Guy 2:  Big time.  Be my best man?

And just for the record in case you were sitting on the fence on whether there was a God or not, let me put your mind at ease because there is, and he graciously did not allow the Urban Dictionary to give my name a definition like the one for poopsterbate or drinking watermelon.

xoxo Darya

PS - If you are wondering why there is a picture of my cat, Jules, attached to this post, it is because a) definition no. 1 says that I am a cool cat and b) I read somewhere that if you post a pic of a cat or puppy or an odd-numbered list on your blog then people will give you more page views.  Clearly, I am whoring my cat out for more blog lovin'.  Don't judge me; just blog love me.

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