Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Suck It 2013

I sat in front of my computer--which by-the-by is really having some technical difficulties and even Blogger is feeling a little like it is out to screw me--and the blank page of my little bloggity blog mocked me.  I was thinking and typing and erasing and typing some more and trying to come up with some truly inspiring and awesome words of wisdom to bid 2013 farewell and to usher in 2014 with grace and inspiration.  Hah! The only thing that, in all honestly, I could put down was, "Suck it 2013."  Really, Darya?  Really.

So, as midnight approached and I started to feel a little panicky, I literally hammered this out on my iPhone with my two prematurely arthritis and tendonitis encumbered thumbs as we sat in the drive-thru at Alberto's waiting for our two bean-and-cheese burritos--we are ballers, ya'all.  2014 is my new beginning.  I am cutting the dead wood and I am no longer pushing an ever-growing tangled rope of shit uphill.  So, here is my Alberto's missive in all its glory.  If you follow me on Facebook, no new news here.  Bear with me; I will get it together.  Promise.  I feel big things a-poppin in 2014.

A few words as we end the year:

I have worked hard and I have hardly worked; I have squatted and thrusted and turned my body around; I have recommitted my heart to love, my mind to learning and my skin to the proper use of sunscreen; I have been hurt and I have set about healing; I have nothing to be sorry for but I want to do oh-so-much better; I have cried and sworn and cursed at God and I have made futile deals with the devil.  2013 has been sad and hard and brutal and I long for an easier more beautiful and tranquil 2014.

These are my 2014 Darya-isms.

Happy New Year, Auld Lang Syne, Salud and Cheers!

xoxo Darya

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